Tuesday, October 20, 2020

TJ Cabot - Get Ready! Get Set!

When TJ Cabot goes down to the basement, you never know what he's gonna come up with. Budget rock? Synth punk? Devo-core? MTX covers? Lo-fi Ramones worship? On Get Ready! Get Set!, we are treated to more of the latter. Unlike the 1975 Ramones obsessions of the Dick Charles EP, these four new tracks are more Riverdales/Head inspired. 

Recorded in the basement using Audacity and no external microphones, Get Ready! Get Set! is lean and mean with four tracks averaging one minute, 43 seconds. You probably don't have to stretch your imagine too far to guess what "Gasoline Breath" is about ("In the shack there's some empty cans/You can bet I ain't talkin about beer, man!”). "I Don't Like/I Won't Try" is an attempt to replicate what the unrecorded Ramones song "I Don't Like Nobody That Don't Like Me" might have sounded like. "Ego Transplant" is just another ordinary song about utilizing serial murder to improve your chances with the ladies but not quite having the science figured out (Don't you hate when that happens?). "Hate You More" features the golden lyrical nugget "I realize I base my entire life on weighing out pieces of shit/and whatever bit is smaller, I put up with". My god, that's profound! When imitating the Ramones, it is always best to keep it as simple and stupid as this. Millhouse Deville even shows up to lend his vocal duties to "Ego Transplant", leading me to believe that he and TJ have squashed their personal differences. I expect all of Thee Artificial Rejects to show up on the next recording assuming that Skookie and Puddin are legally allowed to re-enter New Brunswick. And yes, a download price of three Canadian dollars does amount to a 24% discount for us loyal American fans. Feel free to pay extra if your conscience so dictates. The Millville Ladies Auxiliary Club has got to be paid back someday. 



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