Saturday, April 30, 2022

Breaklights - Fool Me Once

Earlier this month, I promised I would have plenty more to write about Breaklights this spring and summer. I wasn't kidding. In advance of Wind Down, its forthcoming debut LP, the Austin-based band has released another single called "Fool Me Once." This is the first Breaklights song to feature guitarist Dan on lead vocals, but it won't be the last! The album will feature three tracks written and sung by Dan. And based on "Fool Me Once," I must say that having a second singer and songwriter in the band will only make Breaklights stronger. Dan's voice proves to be a perfect fit for Breaklights' heartfelt, melody-driven style. "Fool Me Once" is a pop-punk tune of the finest quality. Would you expect any less from Breaklights? Hearing this track makes me really excited for the album. Breaklights have always been a really good band, but these two recent singles have been next-level stuff. No one's going to be telling Charlie to hang it up, but I think a lot of us are wondering why Dan hasn't been contributing songs to this band all along! Wind Down will be out in June on Wiretap Records!

Friday, April 29, 2022

The Melmacs - "Good Advices"

Wow! The Melmacs out of Leipzig and Dresden, Germany have released the first single from their forthcoming debut album, and it's a rocket blast of '77-style punk/powerpop! The album is due out in September on Wanda Records and Barkraufarfita Records. In advance of the album release, The Melmacs will be unleashing several singles over the next few months. First up is "Good Advices," an upbeat number that you'll hear once and end up humming all day! The band has released a music video to accompany the single, and it gives you a great feel for what The Melmacs are all about. And what The Melmacs are all about can be summed up in one word: fun! This song makes me wanna dance merrily around the house while shouting joyful exaltations. If you're like me, "Good Advices" will leave you wanting more. The good news is that more is coming, and pre-orders for the full album will open in June. If you literally can't wait, do yourself a favor and check out the band's existing discography on Bandcamp. You'll wonder where this band has been all your life! "Good Advices" is available now from all the major streaming platforms. Don't forget to wear a helmet!

Vista Blue - Pieces II

When a band with 50+ releases to its name puts out a second odds-and-ends compilation, that definitely falls into the "for fans only" category. Perfect! I'm a huge Vista Blue fan -- and clearly you are too if you read past this sentence (Hey there, Nick Spoon!). Pieces II is a sequel to 2019's Pieces, a digital collection of songs that had not been previously released on Vista Blue's Bandcamp. Pieces II collects songs the band has recorded over the last three years. Some are collaborations with podcasts. Others were recorded for compilations. Some are alternate versions of previously released songs. Pieces II combines them all into a single digital album complete with liner notes. This is a real treat for fans. And isn't that the whole point?

What I enjoy about Pieces II is that is captures the spirit of what Vista Blue is all about. What other band on Earth would record theme songs for a prank call podcast and a Twilight podcast? What other band on earth would record an entire EP of songs about sumo wrestling to reward a Kickstarter backer? But this is no joke release. There are some absolute gems to be found here. "I Keep Hitting on Girls (They Just Keep on Hitting Me)" and "I Met Her at a Blockbuster", which were both originally written for Mike's old band The Robinsons, are A+ pop-punk tracks. "Three Chord City", a cover of The Cold's classic, is a cool live take from the legendary Ardent Studio in Memphis (the "produced" version, of course, ended up on the band's splendid EP Hit The Floor). An acoustic version of "Curling All Around the USA" (remember when these guys singlehandedly willed the U.S. to win curling gold?) showcases this band's special flair for melody and harmonies. And anyone who dismisses Vista Blue's collaborations with the Snow Plow Show podcast will miss out on "Beverly," one of its best pop-punk tracks of recent memory. 

It's something else how Vista Blue can release so much music yet still keep us fans excited for what's coming next. And that's because you never know what this band is going to write songs about. Pieces II really highlights that. If you get bored with pop-punk bands who only write songs about girls, well here's an album with songs about prank phone calls, sumo wrestling, emo vampires, curling, Nik Caesar's Twitch stream, the birth of the messiah, and....girls. I also like that the liner notes make it very easy for you to seek out the releases on which many of these songs originally appeared. Maybe I'm just riding the high of the Phillies getting back to .500 or subconsciously plotting how my own podcast can collaborate with Vista Blue. But my morning spent listening to Pieces II has had me feeling good. I'm on my last paragraph, so we're all fans here. There's just no reason not to buy this album. It's that rare sequel that's better than the original!

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Split System - self titled

And now for another totally killer Aussie punk rock group! Melbourne-based Split System features a star-studded lineup of Jackson Reid Briggs (Jackson Reid Briggs & The Heaters) on vocals, Arron Mawson (Stiff Richards) on guitar, Ryan Webb (Speed Week) on guitar, Deon Slaviero (The Black Heart Death Cult) on bass, and Mitch McGregor (No Zu) on drums. The band's debut EP was not exactly created under the most ideal circumstances. But of course these guys didn't let that get in the way! The band got together last year and managed to rehearse just one time before lockdown put an end to any hopes for gigs and a proper recording session. Undeterred, the band committed to getting the five songs it had written recorded and released. With each band member recording individual parts at home, Split System finished the record. One track, "Hit Me" was released as a digital single this past January. The other four songs comprise the band's debut 7" -- which is currently available from the ever-reliable Legless Records. As expected, this EP delivers four tracks of pure raging punk rock and roll in the classic Aussie style. This release comes out swinging with the face-melting opener "Climbing" and does not let-up from there. If you like raw, hard-hitting punk rock with an energy level that's off the charts, Split System is the band for you. The EP was mixed and Mastered by Mikey Young -- who imbues these recordings with the savage touch he's known for. If Split System can create an EP this crackling in isolation, can you imagine what the next record is gonna sound like? Crank this puppy loud!

Friday, April 22, 2022

Dirt Royal - "Shoot Me Now"

Have you ever heard a band so good that it actually made you mad at yourself for not already being aware of its brilliance? That's where I'm at with Brighton-based trio Dirt Royal. Anyone who knows me and knows Dirt Royal would be shocked to discover that I had never heard the band before this week. This band has been around since 2014. Where in God's name have I been? I'm pretty sure that Mick Fletcher gave me a heads-up at some point which I foolishly failed to follow up on. So while some of you will hear Dirt Royal's new single "Shoot Me Now" and consider it par for the course, I was absolutely blown away. This, my friends, is my kind of music: punky, poppy, hooky goodness brimming with energy and full of lyrical brilliance. In my book, this is the song of the year! It lives in that space where punk rock, new wave, mod, and power pop all intersect. And while this is hardly the first song to be written about the sad state of current affairs in the UK, it's no doubt one of the wittiest and catchiest. Political commentary and dark humor have always been a winning combination for me, and "Shoot Me Now" blends those components to perfection. And I love the approach of taking a subject as weighty as one's country having gone to shit and turning it into a fun sing-along that you can dance to. I like to imagine people of all ages across the UK (and beyond) gleefully shouting this chorus to the horror of those within earshot. This is going to be a hit, right? If not, it sure ought to be! The single releases today on the ever-reliable Spanish label Snap!! Records. "Shoot Me Now" is backed by "Better Than Worse", another power pop punk anthem packed with lyrical substance. Vinyl copies are limited to 300, so I suggest you move fast on this one. In the meantime, if anyone needs me...I'll be at my desk catching up on Dirt Royal's back catalog. What a great fucking band!

Thursday, April 21, 2022


Back with their first new music since the superbly blistering My Punishment on Earth was released in late 2020, Montreal's Priors show no signs of letting up on the force and intensity. NEWNEWNEW, the band's new EP, unleashes three tracks of an appropriate tenor for a self-proclaimed "fuck you to the industry." As always, Priors take the best elements of nightmarish synth-punk, pummeling garage punk, and bleak post-punk to create a ferocious sonic concoction that is uniquely theirs. All three of these tracks are truly formidable. "Expelled Virtue" marries angular guitars to a vocal fury rendered almost surreal by Max and Chance's skillful production. The title track is a straight shot of aggressive punk rock that flat-out rips. "Voice of Reason" is synth-punk with just the right balance between the synths and the punk. These tunes will get you fired up for the next Priors album -- which is already recorded and could possibly see the light of day by year's end. Now available as a strictly digital release, NEWNEWNEW is highly recommended listening if your ears yearn for a good clobbering.

Monday, April 18, 2022

Strange Neighbors - "Window Watching"

When a band contacts you promising "a bop that'll knock John Waters' moustache clean off" and "a beat that compels you to shake your butt like Billy Ray Cyrus in those tight blue jeans circa 'Achy Breaky Heart,'" there are only two possible outcomes: bitter disappointment or complete elation. The very fact that I'm writing this review tells you that Strange Neighbors did not let me down! As promised, the Brooklyn foursome's new single "Window Watching" is the kind of song that will instantly move you to dance and sing along. The band recommends it for shower singing in particular, but honestly it's suitable for any moment in life when you might be inspired to break into song. I would not look at you sideways if you belted out this tune while you were standing in line at the post office or eating a burrito. On this track, Strange Neighbors offer a modern & original take on indie power pop with lyrics that are cheeky yet incredibly relatable. This is a song tinged with sadness but also full of sweetness and hope. I can't help but smile because it articulates feelings I've experienced myself. Who among us has never missed someone so much that we had to resort to somewhat odd coping mechanisms? Being able to take such a universal human experience and turn it into three minutes of purely joyful pop music is a special talent indeed. As advertised, this song delivers the bop and the beat. And when that hook comes in, it's magical. My delight over encountering this song was matched only by my regret over having missed out on three years' worth of music by Strange Neighbors. But that's easily rectified. If you enjoy "Window Watching" as much as I have, be sure to dig into the band's full discography on Bandcamp. While you're at it, pull those tight jeans out of storage!  

Friday, April 15, 2022

Culture Trap - "Different Kind of Summer"

Now here's something right up my alley -- and likely yours as well! Culture Trap is a Helsinki-based foursome playing top-notch punk/powerpop. The band just released "Different Kind of Summer", its debut single, on Bandcamp. The A-side checks off all the boxes for punk-influenced power pop. If you like punchy guitars and big hooks with clean production and a whiff of melancholy, this song is bound to hit the spot. "League", the virtual B-side, is a faster, punkier track with an anthemic feel to it. Both tracks are excellent and complement each other perfectly. I'm left wanting more, which is exactly the way it ought to be. You could convince almost anyone that this is a long-lost Dirtnap Records single from 15 years ago. This may be your first time hearing of Culture Trap, but it sure won't be your last. What a killer debut!


Thursday, April 14, 2022

Limoges - Milan Shakes, Turin Shocks, Limoges Rocks

Hey Pizza! Records is quickly assembling a roster to rival just about any pop-punk label out there. Somehow I even missed a Neon Bone picture disc single that released on Valentine's Day and sold out in a heartbeat. Shame on me! The label's latest release isn't likely to remain in stock very long either. Milan Shakes, Turin Shocks, Limoges Rocks is the first album from Italian punk rock super group Limoges. Featuring members of Ponches, MEGA, Komet, Morbeats, and Volkov, this band tears through 10 excellent tracks of tuneful pop-punk in just under 18 minutes on this stellar debut. What I like about this group is that it plays textbook pop-punk without sounding like a thousand bands you've already heard before. You can hear bits and pieces of all the members' other bands coming together in a wonderfully satisfying way. Influences go beyond the usual Lookout!/Ramones playbook -- digging back into 1980s melodic punk & pop-punk with a pinch of Marked Men style as well. Limoges manage to create a sound that's fast & energetic but also super melodic. And when it comes to singing pop-punk songs, this band proves once again that Italians do it better. Milan Shakes, Turin Shocks, Limoges Rocks is a first-rate effort all the way through and a reminder that pop-punk done well is hard to beat. The LP is limited to 200 copies on black vinyl. Hit up the Hey Pizza! store to pre-order a copy!

Saturday, April 09, 2022

Nasty Party - Loaded Dice

In each of the past two years, I have written rave reviews of Nasty Party, a punk/new wave duo based out of Sydney and London. My third write-up on this band will be no less glowing. With their latest EP Loaded Dice, Simon and Rhys have truly outdone themselves. In fact, I can think of no band today that does a better job of combining impassioned political lyrics with music that's tremendous fun to listen to. 

While Nasty Party has always drawn from both the punk and new wave sides of 1977, Loaded Dice leans a little more in the punk direction. The fast-paced title track delivers a jolt of energy along with an earworm shout-along chorus. "I Can't Stand the Radio" puts on a clinic on how to emulate the Ramones without trying to be the Ramones. "I Just Wanna Be a Primate" hits dead center in the '77 punk sweet spot. Even if these guys were singing about total nonsense, I'd be into it. But far from spouting nonsense, these songs rail against very specific injustices and outrages. "Loaded Dice" concerns draconian lockout laws in Sydney which have decimated the city's nightlife but conveniently don't apply to nearby casinos that pour money into the local government. "I Can't Stand the Radio" reflects on how the daily grind of working life can kill you both figuratively and literally. Inspired by the actual practice of the Australian government administering random drug tests and selling the DNA results to third parties, "I Just Wanna Be a Primate" rages against the constant invasions of privacy that are unavoidable in modern life. The facts behind these songs (drug-sniffing dogs and strip searches at railway stations, work-related suicides necessitating jumper nets outside of office buildings, the unauthorized mining of our most personal data) will absolutely make your blood boil. What do you do with all of that anger? Simon and Rhys channel it into crackling punk rock tunes that are fun to sing along with but also sure to get you fired up. 

With three fantastic EPs now in the books, Nasty Party deserves inclusion on the short list of groups making Australia's punk scene the best on the planet. And these guys are just now hitting their stride. Something tells me that they will not be running out of lyrical inspiration anytime in the near future! 

If You Gotta Go​-​Go, Go​-​Go Now: A Tribute to the Go-Go's

In general, I am not a huge fan of tribute albums. That said, I don't know if I could be any more excited about the newly-released If You Gotta Go​-​Go, Go​-​Go Now! What makes this particular tribute album special? Well first off, we are talking about the almighty Go-Go's. Outside of the Ramones, I can't think of a single band that has been more influential on the modern-day punk/garage/power pop scene that this blog revolves around. Secondly, this project was produced and curated by one of my favorite people in music: songwriter, musician, producer, radio personality, and all-around great dude Travis Ramin. Out on the legendary Sympathy For The Record Industry, If You Gotta Go​-​Go, Go​-​Go Now features 24 amazing bands and artists presenting fresh takes on Go-Go's favorites. I won't get into listing all of the participants (you can easily do that yourself!), but I will say that this album represents a perfect mix of contemporaries of the Go-Go's, bands who kept a Go-Go's influence going strong in the '90s and 2000s, and some of the very best of the current generation of power pop and punk. If you read down the track list, you'll spot a few legends along with several of my personal favorites from today's pop underground (including two of my top three favorite bands, who do not disappoint!). 

Of course all tribute albums are a labor of love. But with this one in particular, you can really feel the love. Covering such beloved and seemingly untouchable material was surely no easy task for the parties involved. But as you'll hear in the samples I've embedded below, this album is full of inspired interpretations of classics. No wonder The Go-Go's themselves have expressed their heartfelt approval! If you like what you hear, follow one of the links below to order the album on CD. A double LP release is coming soon!

Sunday, April 03, 2022

Beach Patrol - Festivus

The record shows that Beach Patrol has placed top ten albums on three of my last six year-end lists. Festivus, the band's eighth album, is destined to crack this year's top ten as well. I've had the privilege over the past 16 years to hear Domenic Marcantonio grow in his craft from a promising young talent in the power pop universe into a great American songwriter. Like 2020's Making Waves, Festivus was recorded in Domenic's basement and captures the feel of a band playing live rock and roll. This unvarnished approach to recording would not work for every band, but it has become a huge part of Beach Patrol's appeal in recent years. I love being able to close my eyes and feel like the band is right there in the room with me. And minus any slick production touches, everything hinges on the quality of the songs. In the case of Festivus, that's a very good thing. If basement rock is a genre unto itself like garage rock, Beach Patrol ought to be its poster band! 

In terms of the evolution of Beach Patrol's sound, Festivus picks up where Making Waves left off. While still very much at home in the worlds of power pop and pub rock, the band adheres to no particular genre or musical conventions. The album draws on influences ranging from rhythm & blues to pop to folk to country to traditional rock and roll. And while Domenic is as adept as ever at writing a catchy tune, his continued growth as a storyteller and observer of the human condition has become the centerpiece of his craft. Listening to Making Waves made me feel like a wiser, more enlightened human. Festivus -- with its lyrical mix of life philosophy, relatable stories, and personal reflections -- has the same effect. While a couple tracks ("Jung-er Than Yesterday", "Don't Concern Myself") recall the Beach Patrol of old, I love that Domenic has begun to excel outside of the box of the three-minute pop song. The songs "Bad Actress" and "Every Time I Watch The Jerk" (undeniably two of the best songs on the album) demonstrate that while Domenic can still turn out great hooks, he's not always in a rush to get to them. "Bad Actress," a bitter recounting of deceits endured, takes its sweet time (five minutes and 45 seconds, to be precise) unfolding a devastating extended metaphor. "Every Time I Watch The Jerk", which celebrates the enduring brilliance of Steve Martin's signature film, is so joyful and infectious that it leaves me wanting more even after five minutes. Elsewhere, "Ballad of Phineas Wheelock" and "Thanks Coach" stand out as some of the most powerful and profound songs that Domenic has ever written. As was the case on Making Waves, Damien Montana Dias steps up to add his own singing and songwriting presence. "Greek Circus Top," his contribution to the album, is a feelgood number of literally epic proportions. 

I can still remember Beach Patrol's first album showing up in my mailbox back in 2006. I had never heard of the band before (although I must admit that the Green Bay return address gave me high hopes!). I popped that CD into the car player, and I was a fan by the time I got to the end of the street. In retrospect, I can acknowledge that that debut pales in comparison to later releases. But isn't that the way it's supposed to be? Bands start out good and get better. They grow, and you get to grow with them. I was barely old enough to be president when I first encountered Beach Patrol; now I'm eligible for AARP membership. I've had the fortune to watch (or better yet, hear) a good band become great. On "Jung-er Than Yesterday," Domenic Marcantonio sings the lines "Won't be remembered for the things I left behind/But for doing what I done out of love." You know he means every word of that, and that tells you everything you really need to know about Beach Patrol.

Saturday, April 02, 2022

Breaklights - "When You Talk"

When it comes to pop-punk or melodic punk or whatever you want to call it, it just doesn't get any smoother than Breaklights. The Austin-based band is back with another shot of tuneful punk rock that is destined to get stuck in your head within moments of first contact. "When You Talk" is the first single from the band's new album Wind Down (which will be releasing this summer on Wiretap Records). What I continue to appreciate about Breaklights is the way their songs evoke a '90s pop-punk feel without sounding derivative of any bands in particular. With its tight, polished sound; earworm melodies; heartfelt lyrics, and warm vocals (I would listen to Charlie sing the phone book), "When You Talk" is vintage Breaklights. And the music video for the song is an absolute hoot! I will have much more to write about Breaklights this spring and summer. Stay tuned!

Friday, April 01, 2022

Tina and the Total Babes - She's So Tuff (20th Anniversary Reissue)

How do I even begin a review of my favorite album of this century? I suppose I begin by saying it's my favorite album of this century! I can't quite believe that it has now been 20 years (actually 20 and a half!) since Tina and the Total Babes' She's So Tuff came out on Sympathy For The Record Industry. I remember seeing an ad for the album in Hit List and totally flipping out. At the time, Tina Lucchesi was fronting one of my favorite bands, The Bobbyteens, and running the illustrious Lipstick Records. Travis Ramin was fresh off producing a pair of modern classic singles by Candygirl. This was a musical match made in power pop heaven. Decades later, these two remain two of my favorite people in all of music. It was a joyous day when She's So Tuff became available in the Underground Medicine mail order catalog and an equally joyous day when the album showed up in my mailbox. I was a huge punk rock guy who also loved Holly and the Italians, Nikki and the Corvettes, and Josie Cotton. Tina and the Total Babes were the best of both worlds! 

A 20th Anniversary reissue of She's So Tuff is such a spectacular event that it has required the involvement of three of the best record labels in existence. Rum Bar Records released the CD version today. Surfin' Ki Records will be releasing the vinyl edition. The legendary Wizzard in Vinyl is doing a CD release in Japan. It seems odd to be speaking about this album in an historical context when it still seems like yesterday that it first came out. But there's simply no doubting that it directly or indirectly influenced countless bands today that draw from the combined inspirations of punk rock, power pop, and '60s girl groups. And the connections to the modern-day Rum Bar Records family are numerous. Travis Ramin (drums, songwriting, production) and Miss Georgia Peach (backing vocals) are of course in The Short Fuses and Beebe Gallini. Johnny O'Halloran (bass) is in The Lemon Drop Gang and is one of Malibu Lou's dearest friends. Ramin co-wrote and produced Natalie Sweet's superb album Oh, By the Way. It was a no-brainer for She's So Tuff to receive the proper Rum Bar reissue treatment. 

As I've spent time listening to this album in recent weeks, I've had two general impressions. One is that it still holds up, and the other is that I wish it were longer. And isn't that the highest praise you can give an album when you complain that it's too short? She's So Tuff is a perfect album and in my book an all-time top ten power pop LP. The original material is first-rate (it is my belief that any songwriter who can write a hook as golden as the chorus to "Christy" deserves to be living in a mansion). The covers are amazing as well. If I point out that the title track blows away The Demons' 1977 original, that's no slight to the original. Who can deny that Tina Lucchesi was born to sing this song? It's like her life story in two and a half minutes! Holly and the Italians' "Tell That Girl To Shut Up" is another slam-dunk choice that does not disappoint. 

She's So Tuff, packed with tough & sticky-sweet songs about hot boys and heartbreak, is everything a power pop album should aspire to be. Original power pop hits like "Tongue Tied" and "Why Do I Like You" are perfectly complemented by homages to girl groups ("Tragedy"), bubblegum ("That's The Way I Want It", a reworking of The Messengers' "That's The Way A Woman Is"), and arena-sized glam rock ("It's Tina Time"). Whether you recall She's So Tuff fondly and want to own it again or are encountering Tina and the Total Babes for the very first time (you lucky dogs!), I cannot recommend this album enough. This is, as advertised, a benchmark album in the modern power pop revival. If you enjoy this album, do yourself a favor and check out Travis Ramin's Bandcamp page where you can find many more of his fabulous productions. And make sure to like Surfin' Ki Records on Facebook if you haven't already. When She's So Tuff comes out on vinyl, you know it's gonna sell out fast

Linnea's Garden - Fashion Show

As I eagerly awaited the debut album from Linnea's Garden, my question was how -- not if -- the band was going to top its brilliant debut EP Nowhere Friday Nights. The answer is that Linnea's Garden (Linnea Herzog on vocals & guitar, Amy Galaviz on bass, and Hands on drums) has made the proverbial giant leap since its live debut last summer. That promising DIY indie/power pop/glam-punk band that dazzled with underground hits like "Non​-​Dramatic Breakup Song" and "Friday Night" is now a full-fledged rock machine poised to enthrall packed venues. 

The story behind the new LP Fashion Show (out today on Red on Red Records) is that Herzog at some point noticed that her "gig closet" contained more clothes than her actual closest. At that moment, the album was born. The concept of loving the person you are onstage and trying to be that same person offstage emerged as the central theme of Fashion Show. Musically, this is the same Linnea's Garden you already know and love -- but with a dramatically evolved sound. The advance singles were a clear sign of what was coming. Nothing on Nowhere Friday Nights would have led us to expect the haunting post-punk and modern rock of "Looking" or the guitar-heavy dance-punk of "Cut & Paste." Latest single "No Bra," another delightful surprise, finds the band (successfully) aiming to bridge the gap between "Rebel Rebel" and "Rebel Girl." The rest of the album unfolds in similarly wonderful ways as Linnea's Garden takes elements of post-punk, pop, new wave, indie rock, disco, glam, punk, and grunge to craft a sound that is definitively its own. And while the singles are wisely placed at the start of the album, the hits keep coming (a lot of bands would kill for one song as good as deep cuts like "Mouth" or "Rat Ppl"!). Herzog's lyrics continue to knock me out. "No Bra" is both a triumphant celebration of self and a wonderfully sweet love letter. As I daydream about a million voices singing along to the lines "No bra is the best bra/It's a shame we have to leave the house/No pants are the best pants/If you wanna dance it out," I can't help but smile. "Normal" is one of the most honest and relatable songs I've heard anyone write about pandemic life. The understatedly heartbreaking "Daydream" opens with a verse worthy of enshrinement in the love song hall of fame. The goosebumps I got from last year's "Friday Night" have returned full force as I listen to "Feedback" -- one of several tracks on the album affirming the idea that our art is who we are -- not just something we make. 

Linnea's Garden first caught my attention not just because of its infectious hooks but also because of its joyful songs and spirit. Fashion Show, while a very different record from Nowhere Friday Nights, is born from the very same spirit. It celebrates love, life, art, and self-discovery. Some songs will make you smile. Others will make you cry. A few are sure to inspire. Best of all, these are tunes that you will make you want to dance and rock out like there's no tomorrow. The world is a better place with this album in it. Check out Linnea's Garden's Facebook page page for Fashion Show tour dates!