Wednesday, September 02, 2020

The Suttles - "Broken Hearted"

Today I've got a band for you that really hits my sweet spot! Based out of Paris, The Suttles walk the fine line between power pop and old school punk rock. This band is comprised of Fred, Julian, and Max from Jon and the Vons (Julian was also in that amazing band Protokids). On their debut single, The Suttles show both sides of their musical style. The A-side "Broken Hearted" is '77 punk leaning pop. I'm hearing the influence of The Clash and The Jam, and that is totally cool by me! This is a great sing-along number with legit hooks. On the flip, "Messin' Around" brings to mind the heyday of skinny tie power pop. It's rockin', catchy, and chock full of energy. All in all, this is a tremendous debut that has me excited to hear more. Vinyl coming in October on Les Disques A Rebours!


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