Thursday, September 03, 2020

Vista Blue - "There Goes The Sun"

Am I betraying pop-punk Vista Blue if I talk about how much I love power pop Vista Blue? I suppose I should feel kind of bad, but my reaction to new single "There Goes The Sun" is "More of this, please!" With this single, the band aimed to re-create the vibe of its absolutely splendid EP Hit The Floor!, minus the legendary recording studio and slick Perry Leenhouts post-production. Richard Bates has even reprised his role as lead guitarist supreme! Even without the bells and whistles, "There Goes The Sun" fully recaptures the pop magic of Hit The Floor! Seriously, Mike and the gang crushed this one like Ian Happ jumping on a hanging curve. The title track is absolutely stunning. Basically, this is what power pop would be if it worshiped at the altar of the Beach Boys instead of the Beatles. Who needs pricey production when you can craft melodies this gorgeous and sing harmonies to such perfection? In the midst of the most miserable summer of our lifetimes, "There Goes The Sun" is exactly the blast of warmth and optimism that I needed. It's an uplifting song about the hope for a brighter tomorrow - both literally and figuratively. It's easy in tough times to say that everything is going to be okay. But when I hear a song like this, I fully believe it. This is what summer songs are all about! "I Like Brian, She Likes Mike" brings a lightness that perfectly complements the majesty of "There Goes The Sun". It revisits the eternal debate that rages among Beach Boys enthusiasts. Do you favor the tortured genius or the face of the franchise? Is it acceptable to like "Kokomo" better than "Caroline No"? While you could certainly love Brian and Mike, it's a super fun premise for a song.

So to summarize: "There Goes The Sun" is perhaps Vista Blue's least pop-punky release yet, but I still think pop-punk fans will love it. I wasn't sure we would be getting any new music from Vista Blue this summer/fall since the band was so busy completing the debut album by its alter egos Ralphie's Red Ryders. This single ended up being somewhat of a surprise, and it was a very pleasant one at that! This is one of the best things this band has ever done. If you love Vista Blue, you need this single. And even if you've never been a fan, you ought to give "There Goes The Sun" a chance. Richard Bates on guitar adds a whole new dynamic to the Vista Blue experience. Let's hope he's granted band membership on at least a John Stamos level!


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