Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Deseos Primitivos - self titled

It has been a while since I've reviewed any straight-up punk rock, but I do have something good for you today! Oakland's Deseos Primitivos have just released their debut album on No Front Teeth Records in the U.K. and Going Underground in the USA. On this full-length debut, Deseos Primitivos tear through 12 tracks of powerful and aggressive punk rock that brings to mind first generation LA punk and early '80s hardcore while still coming across as fully contemporary. This my kind of old school punk. It rips hard, but it's got a touch of melody as well. It's got hard-hitting guitars, a blistering rhythm section, and really strong lead vocals. The lyrics, sung in Spanish, address themes such as "revenge, homelessness and gentrification, colonization, and sensual tales of taboo dreams". This band is not fooling around. With passion and fury, they create music that speaks to their reality. If you enjoy fist-pumping, sing-along punk rock anthems, this record is full of 'em!

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