Tuesday, September 08, 2020

Toadskin - self titled tape

Toadskin's new cassette tape reminds me of old school indie rock/punk. This Milwaukee-based trio is made up of Jeff VanDreel (ex Beach Patrol) on guitar and vocals, Trevor Broskowski (bass/vocals), and Logan Byrne (drums). I'm getting an SST Records or old Sub Pop vibe from this six-song tape, which combines elements of stoner rock/metal, punk rock, psychedelic rock, and noisy indie rock. In another lifetime, we may have called this "grunge"! In a totally good way, this is some weird shit. I think it's neat that the songs range from less than one minute long to nearly seven. I'm seeing song titles like "Ice Age Trail", "Sediment", "Edge of the Lake" and thinking, "Earth science has never been so cool!". These are some heavy tunes from the woods of Wisconsin. I dig!

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