Friday, January 03, 2020

Bullet Proof Lovers - self titled

On what is now their fourth release, Spain's Bullet Proof Lovers go the self-titled route for the second time! Kurt, Luiyi, Joseba, Gonzalo, and Juan are back, and of course they're looking to rock your face off! Bullet Proof Lovers is a five-track EP issued on 12" vinyl by Ghost Highway Recordings and compact disc by Artza Records. This is the Bullet Proof Lovers, so you know exactly what you're getting: high-powered rock and roll with big hooks. Juan and Luiyi continue to tear it up on guitar while Joseba and Gonzalo ably drive the rhythm. And Kurt Baker, the hardest working man in show business, belts 'em with gusto on lead vocals. This is the first new music from Bullet Proof Lovers in nearly three years, and they're not fooling around with the formula. They play no-frills rock and roll that straight-up rips. "Razor Sharp" is like Cheap Trick with a punk rock and roll edge. "I Don't Wanna Want No More" puts the power in power pop. "Fist Full of Dust" is an arena-sized shot of thunder. This EP may be "too rock" for the punk crowd and "too punk" for the rock crowd. And that's what makes it awesome. Turn it up!


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