Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Not The Ones - B-Side

How about I start a new decade with a complete change in my musical tastes? Just kidding! I've been a sucker for '77-style punk rock since I was just a young buck music reviewer back in the '90s, and that will likely not change for as long as I'm breathing air. I can always count on Wanda Records to feature the best '77 bands from Europe and beyond. Berlin's Not The Ones have released a couple albums and a single on Wanda in the past, and their new 7" is another cool nod to the U.K. two-chord sound circa 1977-79. The title B-Side might have you thinking this is some kind of outtakes collection, but I don't believe that's the case at all. Lead track "Mona & Lucy" is the real keeper here: a very Adverts-sounding number that you can sing and strum along with to your heart's content. It's followed by a couple more original tunes: one sung in English, the other in German. The latter track, "Wär schön, wenn Du bleibst", is a slower tempo love song in a minimalist Ramones tradition. If you like the classic '77 sound with a German accent, you will definitely dig this band. And be sure to check out Not The Ones' terrific 2016 long player Just A Bad Mood if you haven't already!


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