Saturday, January 04, 2020

Dead Meat - self titled

Essential new band alert! Dead Meat may be a new name to you. But regular readers of this blog will certainly recognize some of the principals involved. Vince from Suicide Generation is on lead vocals. Adrian from The Speedways is on guitar. Jake from The Cavemen smashes the drums. And Ben from Los Pepes recorded these guys. Man, that's a lot of star power! And the songs do not disappoint. You can stream the band's debut EP over at Bandcamp. Dead Meat plays great straight-forward trashy punk rock that's raw, tough, and catchy as hell. This band slots right in there in that Bloodstains/KBD territory smack dab between first wave punk and early hardcore. Cool song titles like "I'm An Infection", "Leave Me To Die", and "I Give Up" will give you a good idea of Dead Meat's vibe. The EP is not downloadable (unless you are crazy enough to actually spend £1,000!). But No Front Teeth Records will be releasing it on vinyl soon! Meet the hot new punk band of 2020! 


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