Friday, January 17, 2020

BBQT - "Fever Rocket"

Now here's a collaboration that the world demanded! Gabbie Bam Bam has several outstanding releases under belt with her band BBQT - including the super terrific 2018 full-length Let's Go! Any time I run into F & L readers on the street, they ask me the same thing: "Wouldn't it be the absolute BEST if Gabbie Bam Bam did a record with Travis Ramin?!". Well here we go, folks! Can you handle this? Gabbie recently found herself in Minneapolis where she recorded the hot new single "Fever Rocket" with producer to the stars Ramin - whose glam-tastic drumming can be heard on the title track. You would expect an alliance between these two supremely talented and like-minded individuals to generate mind-blowing results. And this single sure does not disappoint. In the words of Gabbie Bam Bam herself, it's "the best aural you'll ever get!" First up is "Fever Rocket", a foot-stomping mid-tempo rocker that oozes sex and swagger and a general badassery that ought to be the envy of all of us. This is 100% the vintage glam rock and roll action you would expect from the union of this artist and this producer. And I like that the song leaves you wanting more. By the time you change your undergarments or put on your coffee or do whatever you do while you listen to your 45s, you will be ready to drop the needle back on the record. Fans of Suzi Quatro and punk era Joan Jett will dig! On the flip is a new version of BBQT's song "Savage 512" that appeared on the Spaghetty Town Records compilation LP. Gabbie recorded this track with Christopher Balch, Richard Ferguson, and Nick Motrenec backing her. It's a total killer in a sleazy '70s punk style. Gabbie absolutely spits fire on lead vocals, and Balch tears shit up on lead guitar. "Savage" is quickly becoming a signature song for BBQT, and this version is the best yet. It will rock you so hard that you may require medical attention! 

"Fever Rocket" is the stone cold smash that all the kids have been craving! It's currently a free download from BBQT's Bandcamp. Vinyl is available from the fabulous Surfin' Ki Records - a label that is no stranger to Gabbie Bam Bam or Travis Ramin. Only 300 copies were pressed, including 100 on red vinyl. You know what to do! 


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