Saturday, December 25, 2021

Outtacontroller - "Parts Unknown"

Here's a Christmas gift for all of us: a brand-new free digital single from the mighty Outtacontroller! This Halifax, Nova Scotia based foursome has been one of the best garage/punk/powerpop bands going for a decade now. The band's fifth album, Come Alive, is due out in 2022. The title track was released as a single early this year, and now Outtacontroller ends 2021 with another sneak preview of the new record. If these two singles are any indication, Come Alive is going to be a considerable progression from previous albums. "Parts Unknown", like "Come Alive" before it, finds the band pushing its melody-driven punk rock style into a whole other level of sophistication and originality. In a totally good way, this is as "modern" as Outtacontroller has ever sounded. Rather than hitting you over the head upon first contact, the song's melodies and vocals win you over slowly and subtly. Give it three or four spins, and you'll be convinced that Outtacontroller has never sounded better. The list of albums to be excited about in 2022 continues to pile up!

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