Sunday, December 26, 2021

Animols - Due

I always love a good theme band, and Animols are one of the most delightful theme bands I've come across. The concept behind Genoa-based Animols is that they play Ramones-inspired punk rock songs that are all about -- you guessed it -- animals! Due, the band's second EP, is a split release between Monster Zero and El Topo Records. It features songs about cheetahs, turkeys, mermaids, penguins, and bears -- all sung in Italian. Even if you don't speak a word of Italian, these are still super fun tunes to sing along with. This release is part of a special project called Super Involved launched by Kevin from Monster Zero in the wake of Austria's fourth COVID lockdown. The idea behind Super Involved was for Kevin to support newer and unknown bands in any way he could. One part of Monster Zero Super Involved was to make a promotional push for a few releases that came out earlier in the year and may have gotten lost in the shuffle of the craziness of 2021. Well, it sure worked in my case! Super Involved turned me on to Snotty Cheekbones' excellent album Avanti, and now I'm enjoying this latest release from Animols. Due is sure to delight animal-loving punk rockers of all ages and nationalities! 

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