Wednesday, December 01, 2021

Wild Sandals - The Big Surf-O-Rama

As if Wild Sandals weren't already the ultimate German pop-punk supergroup, Beppo Hawaiian and Florian Favorat went out and got Gumbo from Neon Bone to play drums on their new album The Big Surf-O-Rama! My heart can barely take so much greatness in one band! Arriving fast on the heels of the band's debut album Sandale GrandeThe Big Surf-O-Rama doubles down on Wild Sandals' deep affection for the Beach Boys, Travoltas, and Don't Back Down era Queers. The album itself aligns nicely with the title and the cover art. It's full of songs about surfing, girls, summer romance, and fun at the beach. This band continues to check off all of the boxes for high quality "Beach Boys punk": majestic harmonies, gorgeous melodies, and lyrics that appeal to the eternal teenager in all of us. Songs range from the surf instrumental goodness of "The Curse of the Wild Sandal" to the snappy pop-punk of "Sina Is a Cheerleader" to the melodic loveliness of "Like A Summer Dream" to the classic vibes of "Beach Girl" to the Queers worship of "Scottie Parente". And speaking of Queers worship, what other band on Earth would think to cover "Janelle Janelle" in the style of Jim Croce? That's brilliant! The Big Surf-O-Rama wonderfully executes a sound that only a handful of bands have properly pulled off. With meteorological winter arriving in the Northern Hemisphere today, this album opens a much-appreciated portal to an eternal summer.

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