Friday, December 17, 2021

Ralphie's Red Ryders - "Pulverized"

I knew I couldn't promise I was done with the Christmas posts until I tackled the latest release from the greatest pop-punk trio to ever come out of 1940s Indiana. Ralphie's Red Ryders continue to impress with their knack for memorable hooks and uncanny ability to imitate the distinctive sound of Vista Blue all the way down to the most minute details. Hot off the virtual presses, new single "Pulverized" is a buzzing toe-tapper of a tune that waxes poetic on the serious consequences of playing with toy firearms and the invaluable nature of protective eyewear. Who can't relate to that? Over the past year, Ralphie, Flick, and Schwartz have been busy drinking their Ovaltine, meticulously crafting their themes, and triple dog daring each other to produce a strong follow-up to their excellent debut album You'll Shoot Your Eye Out. With "Pulverized", they've delivered a track worthy of a major award. A recent cassette release of You'll Shoot Your Eye Out on Memorable But Not Honorable was such a smashing success that the label quickly sold out its entire stock of copies. Rumor has it that a few copies on red and green cassette may still be available from the Radiant Radish Records web store if you're seeking nifty stocking stuffers. And on that note, I'm officially done with Christmas posts for the year...unless Joe Strummer comes back from the dead and The Clash records "White Christmas" in the style of "White Riot". Happy holidays! 

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