Saturday, December 04, 2021

Night Court - Nervous Birds! One

Having been a big fan of Jiffy Marx's recent solo single and all of his releases with Autogramm, I was intrigued to hear he had a new band going with his pal Dave Soul (Jiffy Marker) and Emilor (from Pet Blessings and the amazing Synchromantics). Well the debut album from Night Court is here, and it's freaking awesome! Out now on cassette tape on Debt Offensive Records and Snappy Little Numbers, Nervous Birds! One is just the first half of a duology. The Vancouver trio wrote and recorded 30 songs for Nervous Birds! and decided that 26 of them were keepers. And with 26 tracks being a little too many for one album, the songs were split into two separate releases. I'm glad there's more coming, because this album definitely falls into the "left me wanting more" category! I'm kind of at a loss on how to describe Night Court's sound. This is a unique band. I hear bits and pieces of late '70s/early '80s post-punk, '90s melodic punk, modern-day garage punk, and lo-fi indie rock. The songs are energetic and a little noisy, and they're also total earworms! All of these 13 tracks come in at well under two minutes, yet they're splendidly-crafted, fully-realized songs. Snappy Little Numbers is really living up to its name with the release of this album! You can tell that great time and detail was placed on the construction of the songs, whereas the recording itself was more raw and spontaneous. That's the perfect combination, and Nervous Birds! One is a poppy, post-punky, lo-fi delight for all of its 19 minutes. Bring on part two!

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