Monday, December 27, 2021

Werecats - Are a Very Colourful Band

2021 has brought us plenty of good and plenty of bad. On the good side, this year will be remembered for the relaunch of Mutant Pop Records. Unafraid to try and sell CDs through mail order in this age of downloading, Timbo has revived his short-run compact disc series with a fine mix of old favorites (The Peabodys, Wallys, McRackins) and current pop-punk standouts (The Mitochondriacs, Vista Blue). Hands down, the coolest release of the lot so far has been a compilation of songs from London foursome Werecats. To the best of my knowledge, Werecats Are a Very Colourful Band is the band's first release on an American label. It's also the very first Mutant Pop release of a band outside North America! This disc collects the entirety of the band's self-released debut EP (2014) as well as its Monster Zero 7" My Boyfriend's A Werewol(2016) along with the rare comp cut "Murder Beast". Listening to these songs, I am shocked that this band was not on my radar already. I mean, come on: harmony-laden punky power pop featuring two women singing fun songs about monsters and bad boyfriends could not be any more up my alley! The obvious comparison is Rezillos/Revillos, and I doubt that will be a turn-off for anyone! Timbo originally planned this release to just be a reissue of the first EP, but then Kevin from Monster Zero graciously allowed the tracks from My Boyfriend's A Werewolf to be included as well. I love this collaboration between pop-punk superpowers! While Werecats are going through some changes with the recent departure of singer/guitarist Cil and drummer Mike, singer/bassist Pippa and guitarist Sebby do plan to keep the band going. In the meantime, Are a Very Colourful Band is a wonderful representation of the original lineup's delightful early output. I can't believe I've missed out on this band all of these years! You can find all of Werecats' releases on their Bandcamp page. Or if you're old school, you can stuff some cash in an envelope and send off for this disc the old-fashioned way. A very colourful band indeed!

(CD available for $5 plus $3 postage from Mutant Pop Records, 5010 NW Shasta Ave., Corvallis, OR 97330)  

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mickfletcher said...

Always thought Astbury was a great scrappy pop song