Sunday, December 26, 2021

Pointed Sticks - "Pessimist's Son"

Well here is a wonderfully pleasant surprise to end 2021: a brand spanking-new single from the legendary Pointed Sticks. "Pessimist's Son" is actually the second in a series of "digital 45s" planned by the band, following this past October's "Here Again". If you're expecting the Sticks to sound anything like they did 40 years ago, you may be disappointed by "Pessimist's Son". But if you're open-minded about a band evolving and maturing over the decades, you will be pleased to discover that this venerable pop group is in fine form on these two tracks. "Pessimist's Son" has a bit of a Graham Parker feel to it as the band opines on the troubling state of contemporary society. The lyrics, while brutally on point, hint at some hope that we're not completely doomed. "Snapshot", featuring guest saxophone from Johnny Ferreira, is an homage to Nevil Shute's apocalyptic novel On the Beach. My goodness, this band sure has come a long way from "Somebody's Mom"! This is a pair of thoughtful and splendidly-crafted pop songs from a band that clearly has something to say and much to add to its legacy. I look forward to many more installments in this singles series!

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Pointed Sticks said...

Thank you for your kind review! We're under no illusions as to where a semi obscure late 70's pop punk band stands in the modern music pantheon, we're just making imaginary hit singles for an imaginary AM station that hasn't shown up on our transistor radio dial yet! There are many more to come, and finding a like minded soul like Felix Fung to capture the sonics with us has been revelatory. Back in 8-10 weeks with another surprise!