Sunday, December 12, 2021

Numbskull Action - More Action

While I'm probably not done posting Christmas music, I am just as happy to celebrate bands who go out of their way to release decidedly non holiday music in the month of December. Given how aggravated I get when I'm sent so-called "garage punk" releases that are neither garage not punk, the blown-out, ultra-primitive thumping of Woking, UK's Numbskull Action is glorious music to my ears. The band asserts that the 12 tracks comprising More Action were "lovingly crafted in only the most dank surrounds with zero attention to audio fidelity or professionalism by musical luddites". Now that sounds like something I could truly get into! The band even came up with the tag line "More Garage, More Punk, MORE ACTION!" to sum up this release, and they absolutely get top marks for truth in advertising! What else of any real substance could I even hope to add? This is brilliant stuff! Limited edition cassette copies will make great stocking stuffers for the budget trash enthusiasts in your life.

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