Thursday, April 22, 2021

Andrea Gillis - "Leave The Light On"

Andrea Gillis has been one of the most outstanding singers and live performers in American rock and roll going back to the early 2000s. As Red On Red Records continues to add premium talent from the Boston music scene to its roster, the addition of Andrea Gillis was a no-brainer. While you might think of Gillis as a soul/blues singer first and foremost, she has created a diverse catalog of music that crosses many genres. "Leave The Light On", her new single on Red On Red, really shows her pop side. Her inspiration for this track was to write a "feel good, coming out of the darkness, good old fashioned dance number". And thus "Leave The Light On" is a wonderfully suitable song for this moment in time -- as we collectively eye the light at the end of the tunnel. For a dance track, it's quite mellow. That might seem like a contradiction, but actually it's not. This is a song that warms the soul. Gillis delivers a beautiful, powerfully empathic vocal. The production on this track (courtesy of Gillis, Marc Pinansky, and Pat DiCenso) is absolutely stunning -- weaving together gorgeous synthesizers, a simple & satisfying beat, and a veritable chorus of  backup singers. This track features some of the finest musicians in all of the Boston scene (Pinansky, Mike Oram, Ed Valauskas) and really ought to be all over the radio. And, hey, it might be all over your radio if you know which shows to listen to! "Leave The Light On" is the song we all needed right now. If this is your introduction to Andrea Gillis, you'll want to dig into her catalog over at Bandcamp. It's full of killer releases bridging the worlds of rock, soul, and pop. Check it out, and you'll know what people have known in Boston for years: Andrea Gillis is a star

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