Saturday, January 26, 2019

Lisa Marr with the Tranzmitors - self-titled 7"

Dream project alert! If you had told me that Lisa Marr would team up with the mighty Tranzmitors to cut a record for a charitable cause - and that a Fastbacks cover would be involved - I would have said that that could not miss! And of course I would have been right! Out on Top Drawer Records, the 4-song 7" from Lisa Marr and The Tranzmitors features three covers and one brand-new song. All proceeds will be donated to Girls Rock Camp Vancouver - a non-profit society that builds self esteem in girls and non-binary children aged 8-17 through music creation and performance. Leading off is a wonderful cover of The Fastbacks' classic "In The Summer". This track is exactly what you would expect from the blending of the musical talents of Lisa Marr and The Tranzmitors with the songwriting genius of Kurt Bloch. This is pure sonic joy, my friends! The next two tracks are new versions of beloved cub songs. "Magic 8 Ball" from the Box of Hair album is nicely punched-up, and I like how Lisa and Jeff sing it as a duet. The adorable "Pretty Pictures" off of Betti-Cola gets re-worked as well. It was a terrific song to begin with, but its transformation here from twee to full-blown powerful pop suits this project perfectly. To finish, "Salvation" is probably the most enticing piece of this collaboration - the first (and hopefully not last!) original number from Lisa Marr with the Tranzmitors. It does not disappoint! It's upbeat and immediately hummable, with backing keyboards hitting all the right notes. If you find yourself in public view gleefully singing the lines "And I wanna go/Where the snowbirds are", do not be ashamed.

What's not to love about this debut from Lisa Marr with the Tranzmitors? Literally nothing! If you're a cub fan, you'll love it. If you're a Tranzmitors fan, you'll love it. If you're a Fastbacks fan, you'll love it. And if you are a fan of none of the above, how can we possibly be friends?! I like that the charitable nature of this release pertains to both physical copies and digital downloads. Buy this EP in any format, and you will be supporting a great cause. Order the vinyl record here


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