Tuesday, January 22, 2019

An interview with Pale Lips!

As a general rule, I don't do interviews. But I've been known to make exceptions. And of course I'm making an exception for my favorite band! Pale Lips have a new album called After Dark coming out next week and will be embarking on an extensive tour of Europe next month. In anticipation of these exciting events, the band and I exchanged some questions and answers.

Pale Lips are:
Jamie - bass
Ilona - guitar
Lynn - drums
Jackie - vocals 

F & L: Hello! 2019 looks to be an exciting year for Pale Lips. Of course that starts with your new album. Tell us a little about this new record. Might it be a little different from the previous one?

Ilona: It is a lot different, in my opinion. There's more variety on this album, because more of the songs originate from Jamie and Jackie this time.

Jamie: We are so proud of this record. I think you can definitely hear a difference. There is more "variety" because we also kind of grew a lot as songwriters and became more comfortable sharing our ideas with each other. Yeah, what Ilona said! The studio process with Ryan (Battistuzzi) was really really fun and gentle. Lots of coffee and snacks and giggles. Jackie also played the keys on this album, which was super neat!!

Lynn: I think it sounds more complete since we did get some pre-production and worked with someone very special (Ryan) to help us complete the songs with a great intro and great ending.

F & L: What was the creative process like for writing the new album? Was there any pressure to top what you'd already done?

Ilona: More of the same. One of us will introduce an acoustic demo, and we build the tune together. A lot of "strokes of genius" happened while in the studio, too.

F & L: You must be excited about touring Europe in support of the new record. I know this blog has a lot of followers in Europe. If they turn up to see Pale Lips, what should they expect?

Ilona: A good time! We are 100% committed to funzo, on or off the continent of North America. Get ready!

Lynn: we are a fun bunch, we do our thing, we are who we are and enjoy sharing a good time, ''ROCK n' ROLL''

Jamie: Ugh, yeah! We love having fun. While we are playing but also before and after a show. Please come and say hi and don't be shy! We also made a lot of fun, one-of-a-kind hand-made merch for this tour!

F & L: The dreaded "background" question! How did Pale Lips first come together as a band? And looking back, did you imagine it would turn out the way it has?

Jamie: Ok. We get asked this question ALL the time, but we are always happy to share it. Lynn had the idea of a band full of girls for a while, I think. She saw Ilona playing in her band Dagger Eyes and approached her to play guitar. I think that Ilona hesitated at first but eventually agreed. I met Lynn one night at a party. Chance (who is now Jackie's husband!) was a mutual friend of both Lynn and I. In a very drunken taxi ride to an afterparty at Lynn's house, he yelled that Lynn and I should talk because I play bass and Lynn was looking to start a band. We had a lot of fun that night. Lynn, Ilona, and I met for breakfast shortly after that and all got along super well. We decided to start jamming at a place in Montreal appropriately nicknamed The Stinky Place. I think we jammed once and figured out that we badly needed a singer. Jackie was a mutual friend and we kinda figured that since she was a Karaoke Queen and all-around babe and badass, we should ask her. We did, and the rest is history!

Lynn: I didn't expect this band to do as well as we are and to accomplish a second album and to be taking off for a second time tour in Europe!

F & L: Your songs are always so much fun, but at a deeper level you have some of the funniest and most insightful lyrics I've heard. Is there any particular message or lyrical theme that you try and put out there? How would you like your music to be perceived?

Ilona: I like writing clever lyrics with double entendres and loads of winks and nods to the bands and musical styles that influence my tunes. I also like nonsense too. I hope people find our music unique and non-punishing.

Lynn: I think the 3 girls in the band do a great job with their lyrics. And coming from 3 of them, they are so different but it all works out. I hope to at least write a couple tunes in 2019.

Jamie: Aw! Thank you!! Most of the songs that I write are about boys. I try to be clever and simple and always think "What Would Dee Dee Do?".

F & L: Beyond the new album and tour in Europe, what else do Pale Lips have planned for 2019 and beyond?

Lynn: Get a 3rd album out ASAP, tour the U.S.A, and maybe another country.

Jamie: We have a few new very adorable new songs that we will probably record this year. Hopefully play some fun festivals and do a US tour.

After Dark releases January 31st on Alien Snatch, Spaghgetty Town, God's Candy, and Waterslide Records. Click here for further details on Pale Lips' upcoming European tour! 



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