Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Watts - Breaking Glass

The best hard rock n' roll band going is back with another digital single to get you juiced up for a new album due this spring! "Breaking Glass" is a free download from Rum Bar Records, and it features Tim McCoy taking a turn on lead vocals. McCoy, who co-wrote this number with Dan Kopko, has a cool raspy voice that perfectly fits the tone of the song. This is definitely what you'd call a riff-driven number, and I've gotta say that that riff is bad-ass! Remember those days of rock yore when a cool riff was every bit as important as a memorable chorus? Watts sure do! And how wicked good is that guitar solo?! Along with "Breaking Glass", this three-song download includes "Queens" and "The Night The Lights Went Down". The former is a riff rocker anthem worthy of '70s KISS. The latter, featuring drummer Johnny Lynch on lead vocals, is arena-sized barroom rock n' roll right out of the Stones/Aerosmith playbook. What's not to love?! The last time Watts made an album, I called it "the greatest classic rock record of the decade". I stand by those remarks but fully expect Watts to outdo themselves with this new full-length coming out on Rum Bar. Blout and Kopko as a guitar tandem and songwriting partners are as good as it gets in rock. But I love hearing the band's incredible rhythm players getting some creative input as well. This is a true band in every sense. A wise man once posed the musical question "Who will save rock n' roll?". Watts just might - or at least die trying!


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Dan Kopko said...

Thank you, kindly, Lord Rutledge! We appreciate the generous review! Cheers! Danny K / WATTS