Sunday, June 05, 2022

The Recoils - "Breakdown"

Today I've got something special for all of you who love great American punk rock and roll. The Recoils are a new band based out of my neck of the woods (Pennsylvania, U.S.A.) but featuring members from various locations. The lead singer is Greg Lonesome, host of the legendary Rock N Roll Manifesto radio show. El Flyin', his band mate in The Lonesome Kings, is on guitar. Christopher "Preacher Boy" Watkins, the godfather of alt-blues, is on guitar, bass, and organ. Rounding out this super group is Zack Olsen (Slow Gherkin) on drums. With a lineup like this, you might expect blues or rockabilly. But The Recoils do more of a straight punk rock thing (I guess you could call it garage punk; I'll just call it punk). "Breakdown," the band's debut single, released yesterday -- probably not coincidentally on the anniversary of Stiv Bators' death. The title track is literally about what it feels like when you're on the verge of a complete breakdown. I love how the music and vocals truly capture the sensation of being overcome by anxiety and knowing you're about to break. El Flyin's work on this track demonstrates the power a killer guitarist has to take a ripping punk tune over the top. "Breakdown" is truly an anthem for our times. It's well-paired with "Grifter," a song that laments a nation ravaged by mass apathy, rampant misinformation, and the cult of science-denial. Sadly, this song is not a work of fiction. Political punk rock songs are a tricky thing to pull off in 2022, but "Grifter" shows how it ought to be done: with passion, guts, and a blistering energy. 

"Breakdown" finds The Recoils delivering a debut punk single in the classic style. Both tunes smoke, and we're all left wanting more. An extremely limited run of lathe cut 45s sold out almost instantly. But even if you missed out on the vinyl, the digital version is a must-have. These are raging tunes for desperate times. Play loud and let those demons loose!

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