Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Life Forms - self titled

I'm always a big fan of anything Charlie Murphy does. He's one of the most talented individuals in the modern punk rock universe. I've favorably reviewed six different bands of his, and today I'll make it seven! Life Forms, his newest band, began as a lockdown recording project. Life Forms have since become a proper band, and a debut EP is now available from Bandcamp for just £1. Murph recorded these songs with drummer Matt Cleave, his bandmate in The Red Cords. So right away, you know you're in familiar (yet somehow different) territory. What results is an EP that combines the best elements of all of Murph's projects. These songs are high-energy garage punk rippers with a post-punk edge, a touch of pop, and other-worldly lyrics. Songs range from fast and frantic ("Green Glare") to decidedly poppy ("Night Light Jellyfish") to wonderfully weird ("It Glows"). All throughout, you get a feel for what Murph does so well: write brilliant punk songs that make you wanna thrash about even as you uncover their hidden depths. Post-COVID life has filled all of our minds with disturbing thoughts, and luckily Murph channeled some of his into these most excellent songs. Now with a couple of gigs under their belt, Life Forms are a band of considerable promise. I'd advise you all to get in on the ground floor!  

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