Saturday, June 25, 2022

The Prostitutes - the last two

This is my 11th time reviewing The Prostitutes for this blog, and it looks to be the last. The last two is the title of the latest single from The Prostitutes -- signaling a defined ending to a 27-year institution of American punk rock. And if these really are the last two Prostitutes tracks, it's great to hear this band going out exactly as it came in: with absolute fury. Even with its modern edge in production and guitar tone, "Sick to Death of Myself" has the feel of a classic Prostitutes song. Let me correct myself: it is a classic Prostitutes song. It knocks my head off in the same way that songs like "1-2-3 GO," "Twenty-Two," and "Living Wreck" did back in the day. This is raging, explosive punk rock from a true master craftsman of the form. From Pennsylvania to Ohio to Long Beach, California to Pennsylvania again to Baltimore to Ohio again with an ever-changing supporting cast, Kevin McGovern has kept The Prostitutes going strong for two-and-a-half decades plus. And now is the right time for him to close the book on this musical entity as he moves on to other things (most immediately the truly excellent Trouble Seekers). And so these last two tracks (recorded in 2020) complete a discography that includes two full-length albums, five 7" singles, 12 digital singles/EPs, and one un-released album. If you have somehow been living under a rock since 1996 and never experienced The Prostitutes, I can't recommend the Complete Recordings 1995-1998 compilation enough (in my book, Can't Teach Kids Responsibility is a top five 1990s punk rock LP). For those of you who are longtime fans, I assure you that you will find the last two to be a fitting swan song. Tonight I will drink to the storied legacy of The Prostitutes -- and to new beginnings for the force of nature that is Kevin McGovern!

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