Friday, June 17, 2022

The New Brutarians - Hysteria (Streaming Release and LP Preorder)

Now it can be told! It has been a well-kept secret for a while that The New Brutarians will be releasing their debut LP on my favorite record label of all-time, the mighty Alien Snatch Records. The band has officially opened preorders for the vinyl release via Bandcamp. The LPs will be shipping next month. If you absolutely can't wait to hear this glam-punk blockbuster, it's now up on Spotify and all major streaming platforms. Otherwise, you can now order a copy of Hysteria on black or solid gold vinyl directly from the band. The vinyl release contains an exclusive track called "Stop! In The Name of Art." While I'm going to save my full review for the official release next month, I will say that Adam and Christina have outdone themselves on their full-length debut. Long delayed by the international vinyl pressing crisis, Hysteria is finally arriving and proves to be well worth the wait. For a nice little taste of what to expect, check out the official music video for "New Muse" below!

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