Sunday, June 19, 2022

Tenement Rats - Sods Law

Following three killer singles released 2016-18, Los Angeles punk trio Tenement Rats finally release their debut LP. And it's a doozy! Out now on No Front Teeth Records, Sods Law features ten tracks of snotty '77 punk rock that take inspiration from both sides of the Atlantic. This is what you'd call a vintage No Front Teeth release: a non-stop barrage of three-chord punk bangers full of attitude and aggression. No track surpasses two-and-half minutes, and song titles like "Decease and Exist," "Exterminator," and "Nerve Gas Love" give you a great idea of what to expect. This is old school punk rock in its rawest and most exciting form. As always, the lineup features Jonny Watkins on guitar & vocals and Shaun Clark on drums. Tsubasa Muratani from Rough Kids plays bass. Together these guys tear into these tunes with power and ferocity. If you have a soft spot for the more pummeling side of '77 punk rock, you need these filthy rodents in your life!

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