Wednesday, June 01, 2022

Mala Vista - Ruthless & Toothless

Let's kick off meteorological summer with some scorching hot '77-style punk rock and roll! Ruthless & Toothless is the debut LP from New York City's Mala Vista -- a band that made a promising debut in 2019 and has since proceeded to take things to another level. Ruthless & Toothless, which will be released on vinyl by No Front Teeth Records later this summer, features seven new songs (recorded last year) along with six tracks from the band's debut EP. While that first EP was really good, these new songs are even better. They're more melodic & better-produced, yet they rip just as hard. Put together, these 13 tracks make for a crackling debut album. At a time when so few newer bands are playing this traditional style of punk music, it's exciting to hear a band like Mala Vista totally nail it! If you took the best elements of The Clash, Dead Boys, Heartbreakers, and Ramones and updated them for modern times, it would sound an awful lot like this. It's always a joy to hear music with this kind of heart, passion, and grit -- and great hooks to boot! There's nothing better than punk rock permeating the summer air, so crank these tunes loud and enjoy. Keep checking No Front Teeth's monthly updates for news on the vinyl release!

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