Sunday, June 19, 2022

Lorne Behrman - "A Little Midnight"

Last fall, I had the great pleasure to write about Lorne Behrman's debut solo EP When I Hit The Floor. Building on the momentum of that EP, Behrman will release his debut album A Little Midnight later this year on Spaghetty Town Records. The album will be made up of ten New York City vignettes blending street poetry with Behrman's punk rock roots. Behrman, who was played with the Dimestore Haloes, L.E.S. Stitches, The Dead Tricks, and The Sweet Things over the years, continues to shine as a guitarist while also proving himself to be a songwriter of remarkable talent. Anyone who knows him would not be surprised by his brilliant lyrics, but his emergence as a soulful poet vocalist in the Lou Reed/Bob Dylan mold has been a tremendous inspiration for all of us who aspire to be late bloomers in life. 

In advance of A Little Midnight, Behrman has released the title track as a single and music video. Compared to the heaviness of When I Hit the Floor,  "A Little Midnight" feels a little more upbeat on the surface. Clocking in at just one minute, 47 seconds, this is the most straight-forward punk song Behrman has recorded so far as a solo artist. It's short, punchy, and really fun to sing along with. But upon serious inspection, this song is anything but light. It's about being overwhelmed by problems in life and having to find the strength to pull through. Finding this track to be an ideal tone-setter for the full album, Behrman has chosen to release it a few months in advance. I love the message here: that even if you have struggle and sadness in your life, you can still have hope. The video, directed by David J Baron and featuring How Tragic singer Paige Campbell, was heavily inspired by the Replacements' classic "Bastards of Young" music video. The full album releases September 16 and promises to be something special. In the meantime, "A Little Midnight" is available from Bandcamp and all the major streaming platforms. A little midnight does you right. 

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