Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Dropped Out - Get Lost

My stripped-down review of Dropped Out's new album Get Lost would read like this: pop-punk done right. That will entice some of you and send others running for the hills. But I think you all catch my drift. Austin-based trio Dropped Out makes no claims of reinventing the wheel. These guys are all about '90s pop-punk, and they execute the style exceptionally well. Out now on Otitis Media Records, Get Lost is full of tight, well-crafted songs with likeable vocals and lyrics. Influence-wise, I'm picking up on everything from Screeching Weasel to Green Day to Teen Idols to Parasites. So this band is definitely in my sweet spot for pop-punk. Some songs touch on classic pop-punk themes of heartbreak and relationship woes. Others exhibit a self-deprecating sense of humor. I like that these 10 tracks deliver a nice mix of really poppy mid-tempo tunes (definitely my cup of tea) and fast-paced '90s style melodic punk numbers (not always my cup of tea, but surprisingly pleasing to my ears in the case of this band). If you're cynical about pop-punk as a genre, Dropped Out is not going to turn you to the dark side. That said, Get Lost is everything a good pop-punk record ought to be. It's fun, catchy, and relatable to love and life. If I could somehow go back in time and play "Nicola" for 1996 me, he/I would have absolutely flipped!

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