Monday, June 06, 2022

MOM - "To The Beat"​/"​Scary Mary"

Look who's back! Donny, Luke, Frank and Spike, collectively known as MOM, return with another digital slab of bubblegum power pop gold! In the same vein as previous singles "Tonight" and "Don't Leave With My Heart," new single "To The Beat" will have all the kids dancing into the night while their moms sing along. These Swedish sensations sure know how to turn out an irresistible hook. If this song were any catchier, all of Europe would be back in lockdown. The virtual B-side, "Scary Mary," is another total earworm. Is this song actually scary, or is it a love song? Like all the best love songs, it seems to be a little bit of both. Good luck shaking that chorus! In some alternate universe where it's eternally 1976, this song will be blasting poolside from transistor radios all summer. All bow to the pop royalty that is MOM!

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