Saturday, June 18, 2022

Creem Circus - "Those Shoes"

I'm not one to judge a band by its name, but I had very hopes when I received an email from Philadelphia's Creem Circus. The only possible downside about naming your band after the two coolest rock magazines of the '70s is that you have a lot to live up to. But that's no issue for Creem Circus, who have just released the best 1974 hit single of this summer. I always love a band that owns its influences, and Creem Circus wears its love for Slade, Mud, T. Rex, and Ziggy-era David Bowie on its glittery sleeve. How could I not be into a band that's all about "tandem lead, sparkle-faced riffs," "chocolate covered choruses," and "glamtastic outfits"? The band has just released a video for its song "Those Shoes" which visually resembles an old Hanna-Barbera cartoon and musically recalls the foot-stomping '70s glam updates on '50s rock and roll. With its thunderous drums, hard candy hooks, and righteous guitar solo, this song is quintessential glam. But it doesn't stop there. Clearly Creem Circus endeavors to recreate the entire glam rock experience right down to the showmanship and over-the-top fashion. That might be off-putting if these guys took themselves too seriously, but instead they fully embrace the utter silliness of what they do. In these dark times, I love the idea of a band that wants to put on a fun show so you can forget your troubles for an hour or two. Just as importantly, Creem Circus understands that there is no show if the tunes aren't killer. If you find "Those Shoes" up your alley, you can purchase Creem Circus's most recent album The Glitterest Sladest, Rockinest Ladiest, Overtime-Paidest, Boogiest Band in Town from the illustrious Creep Records!

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