Sunday, September 12, 2021

MOM - Pulls A Fast One

Swedish bubblegum pop sensations MOM have literally pulled a fast one! Donny, Luke, Frank, and Spike got together in July and banged out a surprise new EP in just a couple of weekends. Pulls A Fast One includes six cover songs performed in MOM's signature style. Some of these songs (especially ABBA's 1974 European chart smash "Honey Honey" and Marshall Crenshaw's 1982 hit "There She Goes Again") acknowledge obvious influences. Others are wonderful surprises. The early Whitney Houston hit "How Will I Know" is brilliantly transformed into bubblegum gold. The Prince classic "When You Were Mine" could probably pass for a MOM original if you didn't know any better! What a fun little EP from an always fun band! It's a free download via Bandcamp. If you still haven't picked up MOM's instant classic long player Pleasure Island, it's now available on both vinyl and CD. Who doesn't love MOM?!

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