Sunday, September 12, 2021

Friends of Cesar Romero - War Party Favors

As the strong full-length releases of 2021 continue to pile up, here's another one to add to the conversation. War Party Favors is the latest of many albums by Friends of Cesar Romero -- the long-running solo project from J. Waylon (ex The Reddmen). On this release, J. Waylon basically did it all. He sang, played all of the instruments, and produced the album. And from start to finish, War Party Favors is stacked with absolute gems. If you dig power pop that takes it cues from garage rock, the '60s classics, modern-day indie pop, and even a little pop-punk, you'll find much to love here. This is just a really great album that should go over well with almost anyone who regularly visits this blog. J. Waylon knows to turn out a killer hook, and his songwriting style is steeped in the timeless traditions of the two-to-three minute pop song. Snappy Little Numbers has released the album on CD and also offers a pay-what-you-want download. If you like what you hear, you could very well spend all day on the Friends of Cesar Romero Bandcamp digging into the back catalog. Check it out! 

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