Monday, September 20, 2021

The Prostitutes - "Headcase"

Now here's a great way to start a week! "Headcase" is the brand-new digital single from the legendary Prostitutes. Kevin has kept this band going strong through 26 years and moves from Central Pennsylvania to Columbus, Ohio to Long Beach, California back to Central Pennsylvania to Baltimore, Maryland, and now back to Columbus. The locations and supporting players change, but the constant is that The Prostitutes represent punk rock music at its very best. Part of what's made Kevin a success as a veteran punk rocker is that he's never settled into a rut where every release or song sounds the same. He's managed to sustain a progression and evolution in the music of The Prostitutes while still keeping it sounding like...The Prostitutes! He describes "Headcase" as "A Different Kind of Tension meets China White experimentation". Name one other band out there that's trying that! "Headcase" is a raging punk tune with a cool modern edge. The lyrics are quite minimal and classic Kevin. You can grab "Headcase" right now as a name your price download on Bandcamp. And be sure to pick up the recent and totally essential EP Shapeshift if you haven't already!

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