Thursday, June 17, 2021

The Cudas - Alien Vacation

How about another perfect summertime pop record! Based in Cape Town, South Africa, The Cudas are the creation of singer and multi-instrumentalist Reinhard van Biljon. He writes the songs, plays all the instruments, and performs all the vocals. Alien Vacation, The Cudas' new EP, was inspired by an actual vacation to the Space Coast region of Florida. Alien Vacation is a classic celebration of summertime fun at the beach -- but with a really cool sci-fi/outer space twist! Musically speaking, this hits all the sweet spots for power pop: huge hooks, crunchy guitars, and soaring harmonies. With synthesizers adding a distinct new wave feel, I'm ready to book an alien vacation myself! As you climb into the car and head for the beach (or beyond!), these four tracks will make the perfect soundtrack. "Autorama" just might be the song of the summer!

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