Friday, June 25, 2021

Randells - Kicks

It seems appropriate that The Randells would release an album just in time for the summer. This trio from the south of Sweden creates an eternal summer with its music. Even if it's below freezing outside, a Randells record always transports you to a world of warm weather, abundant sunshine, picturesque beaches, and pretty girls. Following a great run of singles in 2020, The Randells have hooked up with the labels Monster Zero, Waterslide Records, and Memorable But Not Honorable to release a dynamite full-length album called Kicks. Over the course of 12 tracks, The Randells execute their patented mix of pop-punk, bubblegum, and surf to ear-pleasing perfection. You know what you're in for: buzzing guitars, sticky-sweet melodies, and lyrics ranging from sentimental to silly. The legendary Perry Leenhauts mixed and mastered the album, so of course it sounds like a million bucks! 

When I think about my longtime fondness for European pop-punk, bands that immediately come to mind are Travoltas, The Yum Yums, and The Hawaiians. I'd put Randells in the same category. The influence of the Ramones and Beach Boys is obvious, but this band offers its own fresh take on that storied musical tradition. Kicks really is a perfect pop-punk album -- satisfying on both the pop and punk sides of the equation. It's on the bubblegum side of pop-punk, but for sure it absolutely rocks! Play it now as you soak up the summer. And when the temperatures turn cold and the sky grows dismal, this album will take you back to the beach in spirit.

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