Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Thee Evil Twin/The Missile Studs - 10 Piece Feed

In this shit year 2020, there's nothing better than a little traveling back in time. Aussie bands Thee Evil Twin and The Missile Studs have teamed up to unleash 10 Piece Feed - a ripping punk rock record that takes me back to 1997 via 1977. I've written about Sydney trio Thee Evil Twin before. The band is fronted by Adam Caine (Radio Reelers, Trust Fund Babies, The Shrinks, etc.), so you ought to know what to expect. Thee Evil Twin's five cuts on this release are by far its most killer songs to date. If these tracks had come out 20 years ago, they would have been released on Rip Off Records and had you all going bonkers. This is how you do garage punk rock and roll, man: tons of energy, rockin' tunes, and funny/tongue-in-cheek lyrics. If you dig The Rip Offs and Devil Dogs, this ought to be your new favorite band! The other half of this release proves to be just as good, as Adelaide's The Missile Studs tear into five tracks of snotty '77 punk that'll have you pogoing all day long. In sound and attitude, these songs bring to mind everyone from the Sex Pistols to Eater to Menace to Slaughter and the Dogs. I don't hear many bands with that type of sound these days, so I'm really getting a jolt out of songs like "Missile Studs Theme" and "Doomsday Girl".

I know a lot has been made about how many great punk bands are coming out of Australia these days. In my book, these two groups need to be part of that conversation. I'll go as far as to say that 10 Piece Feed is the best Aussie punk album of 2020 so far. Thee Evil Twin and The Missile Studs each have their own thing going on, but they complement each other perfectly on record. If you love your punk music loud, dumb, and fun, these ten tracks will bring you 21 minutes of total enjoyment. Get 10 Piece Feed from No Front Teeth Records, Dirtyflair Record Company, and Evil Tone Records!


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Prostitutes released an anthology on bandcamp. Any comment on that?