Friday, July 17, 2020

Cocktails - Catastrophic Entertainment

Who's in the mood for a really good power pop album? You know I always am, and the third LP by San Francisco's Cocktails definitely hits the mark. A co-release between Alien Snatch and Wizards + Potions Records, Catastrophic Entertainment is a perfect summertime pop record. Cocktails find that sweet spot where '70s power pop, early '80s new wave, and '90s indie/alternative become one. They're all about melody, hooks, and crafting great songs. That seems like such a simple concept, but rarely do you hear a band that pulls it off this well. Catastrophic Entertainment is full of the kinds of songs you wish they still played on the radio. Tracks like "Nobody's Going To The Movies" and "Love Is Gone" are pure power pop. In other spots, the band touches on everything from pub rock ("Washoe County") to glam ("Janeland") to Weezer worship ("Take It Back") to the Teenage Fanclub/Fountains of Wayne strain of indie rock ("Never Be Alone"). All the way through, the songs are gold and the hooks reign supreme. This is timeless stuff! Much of what you usually do in the summertime is off limits this year. But you can still get in your car and crank the tunes as you soak in the summer sun and relive all your triumphs and losses in love. Catastrophic Entertainment is an album to play while you do just that.


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johnnybgoode said...

Agree with your review. this is one of the best albums of 2020.