Sunday, July 19, 2020

Muck and the Mires - "Take Me Back To Planet Earth"

In a summer that's been full of topical songs, Muck and the Mires have given us perhaps the ultimate commentary on the craziness of life in 2020. "Take Me Back To Planet Earth" is the brand-new single from these Boston garage rock legends. It arrives in advance of a six-song EP of the same name, which will be releasing this fall on Rum Bar Records. The EP was written under the influence of COVID isolation. And while it might not fully qualify as a concept album, several tracks address the unusual existence we've had to adjust to in recent months. "Take Me Back To Planet Earth" is a vintage Muck and the Mires upbeat garage rocker that will immediately get you moving and shaking. Yet there's some real substance and cleverness to the lyrics. The song is really about feeling alienated from modern life in general, but its themes are all the more poignant at this moment that requires us to live much of our lives "virtually". If you've felt like you've been living in an alternate reality or perhaps even on another planet in recent months or years, this will be your new favorite song. The rest of the EP is currently being mixed and mastered by Jim Diamond. You can pre-order the whole thing today, or you can  download the title track by itself for $1.50.

Muck and the Mires, who live to tour and get crowds dancing, are surely daydreaming about a time when they get to play these songs live. And I'm sure their fans can't wait to hear these songs live! In the meantime, "Take Me Back To Planet Earth" is perfect for your solo, small group, or socially distant dance parties. Play it loud, move around a little, and get yourself pumped for all the fun things you'll do when this shit is behind us!


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