Friday, March 05, 2021

The Sino Hearts - Rock 'N Roll Hurricane

Welcome to America, The Sino Hearts! Having already released two excellent albums in Europe, Beijing's finest power pop punk rock and rollers now have an album available in the United States! Out on Otitis Media Records, Rock 'N Roll Hurricane is essentially a collection of the best tracks from the band's previous long players Leave the World Behind (2018) and Mandarin A Go​-​Go (2020). Featuring the singing, songwriting, and instrumental talents of Zhong (ex DeeCracks), The Sino Hearts form a bridge between modern-day pop-punk and the classic powerpop/punk of the Buzzcocks, Boys, and Ramones. Of course I sense in Zhong a kindred spirit in terms of musical taste. But with The Sino Hearts, it's not just about the influences. It's about how Zhong interprets these inspirations and creates a unique sound within the pop/punk world. The music of The Sino Hearts is, above all else, great fun. It's energetic, catchy, and deeply ingrained with an innocence and romanticism that trace all the way back to early rock and roll. The style is familiar, but Zhong gives it a rhythm and feel that is immediately recognizable as his own. He's a likeable vocalist and one heck of a guitar player as well. The song selection for Rock 'N Roll Hurricane was spot-on. If this is your first purchase of a Sino Hearts album, you are getting all of the essential cuts -- such as "Teenage Rebel", "Back to the Sentimental Club", "Out of Fun", "Loveless Nights", and "Mandarin A Go-Go". And it all flows like one single album. Rock 'N Roll Hurricane is highly recommended to eternal teenagers, guitar romantics, and anyone who enjoys pop-punk with deep roots.

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