Wednesday, March 03, 2021

Radio Days - "Till the End of the Night"


One of my most highly anticipated albums releases of 2021 is the forthcoming long player from Milan-based outfit Radio Days. Rave On! will be out May 21st on Screaming Apple Records, Ammonia Records, Rock Indiana, Sounds Rad, and Wizzard In Vinyl. To whet our appetites for the album release, Radio Days has previewed a couple of tracks as singles. The latest, "Till the End of the Night", is the perfect complement to the lively power pop of last November's hit "I Got A Love". "Till the End of the Night" is less rock and more pure pop -- an elegant and very pretty tune featuring exquisite melodies that you'll be whistling all day. I'm hearing a big Paul McCartney influence on this track, and that can never be a bad thing! It's hard to believe it's been five years already since Radio Days released Back In The Day. That was an incredible album. But based on the tracks that have been leaked so far, it seems likely that Rave On! will be even better. The wait is almost over!



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nakagawa said...

Definitely one of the greatest revival-style (?) pop/rock bands in modern days. Also love their singles with Lia Pamina. Happy to see their album is just a few weeks from being released!

Keep on the good work and thanks for all the work, Lord Rutledge!