Sunday, February 07, 2021

Kid Gulliver - "Beauty School Dropout"

Here's something I will never tire of: great pop songs from Kid Gulliver! "Beauty School Dropout" is the Boston foursome's new single on Red on Red Records. And no, it's not a cover of the showtune from Grease. Kid Gulliver's "Beauty School Dropout" is an original song written by guitarist David Armillotti. In typical Kid Gulliver fashion, it delivers a great mix of power pop ear candy and lyrical substance. I love the sound of this track - it's got an early '80s new wave pop vibe to it. It kind of reminds me of a Vapors song with the way the bass totally pops in the mix. And in terms of melodies, I don't think it's possible to write a catchier tune. This song is an A-grade earworm! As usual, Simone does a wonderful job of putting voice to David's thoughtful words. This song, while telling a singular sad tale, offers a great deal of commentary on the superficiality of the "beauty" industry and society's restricted definition of what it means to be beautiful. In a better world (or a bygone era), this song would be somewhere on the dial every time you turned on your car radio. Kid Gulliver's hot streak continues!

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