Friday, February 05, 2021

Indonesian Junk - "One More Try" (Song Premiere)

Today I am honored to premiere a new song by one of my favorite bands! "One More Try" is a brand-new track from Indonesian Junk, a band I've had the pleasure of writing about for the last seven years. "One More Try", featuring a guest appearance on backing vocals by the illustrious Kurt Baker, will appear on IndoJunk's forthcoming album Living In a Nightmare. It's one of the most "pop" songs yet from these Milwaukee-based glam-punks, who are now a foursome with the addition of guitarist Adam Turetzky. In an era in which great pop songs on the radio are all but a distant memory, Daniel James still endeavors to write old-fashioned radio hits. "One More Try" meets at the intersection of classic power pop and the Ramones circa Road To Ruin. In one single song, it takes on two of the greatest themes in guitar pop: the despair of love gone bad and the high hopes of old flames revived. This, my friends, is what you call an earworm! And that guitar solo is sheer majesty. As the title suggests, Living In a Nightmare will be Indonesian Junk's magnum opus about 2020. Preorders are open today from the Indonesian Junk and Rum Bar Records Bandcamp pages. Digital album releases March 19th. Vinyl coming this summer! 

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