Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Hipshakes - "Listening"

Fresh off of touting Andrew Anderson's new band Freak Genes the other day, I am quite pleased to report that there's also a brilliant new Hipshakes 45 just out on the Manchester label Crocodile Records. After 16 years, 4 LPs, and a whole slew of tremendous singles, The Hipshakes require no introduction to any longtime fan of garage punk. "Listening"/"Outside Lines" is the band's second single on Crocodile - one that the label is pitching as a double A-side affair. I suppose the fact that I've chosen to embed the B-side indicates that I'm not about to argue with the label's assertion. You get two legit hits from The Hipshakes here - and I'm indeed torn as to which one I prefer. "Listening" barrels along at a crackling pace and makes me wanna run dance around the room like a maniac. "Outside Lines" comes on with an extended sludgy intro then really takes off just like you'd expect it would. This track is vintage Hipshakes - flirting with full-fledged pop sensibilities but ultimately sounding like the work of a band that above all else just loves to bash it out. Both songs have insightful things to say lyrically, and all in all this single finds one of our finest garage-punk bands at the very top of its game. With only 300 total copies pressed, you better move fast on this one!


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