Thursday, July 06, 2017

A somewhat major announcement....

So after six years of operating this blog entirely as a one-man show, I have decided that the time has come to open the door to additional contributors. Tomorrow I will be posting the first-ever F & L review not written by me, and I think readers will really enjoy it! With me starting another school semester next month, there's a good chance that I will have very limited time to write this fall. Having some additional writers on hand could help keep the blog updates more frequent. I imagine that I will continue to write the majority of the reviews, but you might start to see some new contributors popping up in this space in the weeks and months to come. In the event that you might be interested, I'm looking for reviews of punk rock, power pop, garage, and rock n' roll releases both new and old (and in keeping with the original mission of F & L, positive reviews only!). I'm especially looking for longer, in-depth pieces on albums from the past that could be considered underrated, overlooked, forgotten, or unjustly maligned. Lately I've been focusing on mostly on new music, but there's a 60-year treasure trove of unheralded rock n' roll that merits further exploration. Who wants to call dibs on The Waldos' Rent Party or the first Remains album? Anyone up for championing These Animal Men or The Heats? Perhaps there are newer bands out there that you'd like to write about for F & L. The possibilities are practically limitless. If you're interested in contributing to this blog in any capacity whatsoever, hit me up via email with your ideas!


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Lord Rutledge said...

Already found a taker on the Waldos review! Look for it early next week!