Sunday, October 03, 2021

The Chelsea Curve - "7000 Hours"

"7000 Hours" is the seventh in a monthly series of singles released by Boston trio The Chelsea Curve this year. All of this is leading up to a debut album slated for release on Red On Records early next year. Well based on all of these singles, it seems like we've established an early contender for best album of 2022! Month after month, Linda, Tim, and Ron continue to deliver memorable mod-inspired punk-pop tunes with big hooks and stunning lyrics. July's release "Drag" is currently holding the #1 position in my "best singles of 2021" tally (Yes, I'm already drafting my end-of-the-year lists!). With its calm, bittersweet feel, "7000 Hours" was clearly intended to be a fall release. Arriving on the heels of bouncier tracks like "Inconceivable" and the aforementioned "Drag", "7000 Hours" is a wistfully gorgeous little number. Linda Pardee's lyrics employ a space travel metaphor to convey the loss of a loved one. The Chelsea Curve is frequently compared to the Pretenders, and the similarity between the two bands is especially undeniable on this track. Pardee's vocal is in perfect harmony with an absolutely beautiful melody, and Tim Gillis channels James Honeyman-Scott on guitar. Whomever or whatever you're longing for at the moment, this track is sure to hit the spot. A digital purchase of "7000 Hours" is just about the best use of a dollar that I can think of. It, along with all previous Chelsea Curve singles, is available anytime from Red On Records!

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Wow! Super big thanks from The Chelsea Curve for all your support!