Friday, October 15, 2021

Rabbit - Gone

When it comes to the Aussie variant of power pop, the power is almost always in abundant supply. That is certainly true in the case of Rabbit, a new foursome out of Hobart, Tasmania. Out on Hobart's Rough Skies Records, Rabbit's debut EP Gone delivers three tracks of loud, hooky pop that owes just as much to old school Aussie punk as it does to new wave radio hits. This is one of those bands that falls into the category of "It's pop and punk, but not really pop-punk". You've thundering guitars and thumping drums, killer hooks, strong vocals from Maggie Edwards, and energy out the wazoo. All three tracks here are gems, and the EP will definitely leave you wanting more. Rabbit is that rare power pop band that achieves a sound that it is both original and classic. Vinyl is limited to 150 copies, so you ought to pounce if you're interested!


johnnybgoode said...

Great find! Hard to find bands like this in the USA. I agree with your assessment. Loud guitar pop with all around great guitar playing, singing and melodies, and mixed well with the guitars on stun. Good stuff.

guardianoftheeasterndark said...

It's kinda disappointing that Aussie kids would be apparently unaware of the OTHER Rabbit, who were fronted by Dave Evans after his ejection from AC/DC in favour of Bon Scott and released two albums in the late '70s...what are we teachin' them in school? I guess that's old mans music... :D