Saturday, October 02, 2021

Kid Gulliver - Kismet

Now here is a wonderful idea: following its amazing run of six digital singles/EPs dating back to early 2020, Kid Gulliver has packaged all of this material onto a nifty compact disc! Out on Red On Records, Kismet is officially Kid Gulliver's debut album after seven years+ as a band. You can call it a singles compilation, a greatest hits collection, or a "How I spent the global pandemic" project. Regardless, it's a neat thing for all of these tracks to finally appear on a physical release that you can hold in your hands and pop into a CD player. The album consists of the entirety of KG's recent Gimme So Go! EP plus the digital singles "Susie Survived Chemotherapy", "i wanna be a popstar", "Carousel", "Beauty School Dropout", and "Boy in a Bubble". It's rounded out with a couple of deep cuts from earlier EPs for a total of 11 tracks. Taken as a single album, Kismet is a wonderful showcase for how great of a band Kid Gulliver is. I'm not a format snob by any means, but there is still something really cool about having a physical release from a band you really like. So when you're conversing with your friends about the best present-day power pop bands and you want to make your case for Kid Gulliver, all you have to do is pull out this CD and let the music do the talking! It's hard for me to pinpoint standout tracks since most of these tunes were stand-alone indie radio hits. But I will say that the band's cover of The Bee Gees' classic "I Started a Joke" continues to take my breath away. And the brand-new music video for "Stupid Little Girl" is an absolute hoot! If catchy power pop with smart, funny lyrics and exceptional vocals sounds good to you, now is an optimal time to hop on the Kid Gulliver bandwagon!

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Poppy Robbie said...

Thank you for spreading the word about this band - I've loved everything I've heard from them after hearing them on the page. Now, I gotta pick up this CD. So great!