Saturday, August 28, 2021

Bambies - Summer Soon

Well, my friends, we’ve got ourselves another serious album of the year contender! I first heard Bambies two years ago when Reta Records released their debut single. I was instantly hooked by the band's catchy, energetic, and rocking sound. This Montreal trio has built on the promise of that first single and delivered a debut album that is a perfect combination of almost everything I like in music. Out on Wanda Records in Europe and Spaghetty Town Records in the U.S.A., Summer Soon ironically arrives just as summer is wrapping up. But worry not: when this record is playing, it's an eternal summer! On this 12-track long player, Bambies blend the furious energy of garage punk rock and roll with the melodies of power pop, the classic stylings of '70s punk, and the spirit of party rock. From start to finish, it's nothing but bangers. No tracks go beyond three minutes, and most clock in at under two-and-a-half. With these songs, there's no waiting around to get to the "good part". The trio keeps it fast and fun all the way through, and you just might wear yourself out tapping your toes and bobbing your head to these hooky, rockin' tunes! I reviewed the advance single "Dirty Taint" a few months back, and that was a nice taste of what to expect from the whole album. Rippers like "Party", "RNR With You", and the electrifying title track are very much in the same vein. I also dig the more power pop leaning "Stuck With You" and the '77-style slammer "Tear Off My Face". 

Summer Soon was recorded in Mexico City by Diego Mier and Carlos Gonzales, and it sounds absolutely amazing. Production-wise, it manages to take a big step forward from the band's earlier recordings without taking any of the edge off of Bambies' sound. It's a perfect record to crank loud whether you're hanging out with friends or just itching to dance around your room all by yourself. There are few bands that would be equally at home on the Spaghetty Town and Wanda rosters, but there's no denying that Bambies fall into that category. In spirit, I'm reminded of a lot of the great Canadian garage meets power pop bands that were tearing shit up when I started this blog a decade ago. The North is bringing the heat again!

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